Kristina Leer


Kristina Leer

Certified Consultant of Haabersti District (KKM 141126)

+372 512 7089

+372 627 2600

About me

I have been in the team of Uus Maa already for five years and I know I love my work.
Every client is special and there are no ordinary homes. There is always something new and something to try for, in order to get to a transaction meeting the expectations of both the buyer and the seller. The work of a real estate broker is like PR: I can align the colourful expectations of very different people with those who can fulfil the expectations. My previous long-term experience in marketing and PR greatly helps – the knowledge I acquired there serves my customers also today.
In the work of a real estate broker, I value competence and dedication most. I am a member of the Estonian Chamber of Real Estate Agents since 2014.


Beginner of the Year 2012.

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