Külli Friedrichson


Külli Friedrichson

Certified Consultant of Keila District (KKM 141119)


+ 372 5649 0753

+372 627 2600

About me

I joined the team of Uus Maa in August 2006, starting working as an assistant of real estate broker Andrus Soonsein.
Now, I have become a leading consultant and a professional broker in the department of Harjumaa.
I ended up in the area of real estate due to my passion and interest in interior decorating and various architectures already since youth.
Communication with people is sheer joy.
Client satisfaction is a great bonus.
Today, I advise clients mainly in my own neighbourhood – around Keila.
I spend my free time doing sports, going to events, travelling and taking care of my ornamental garden.
I work with dedication and I can be grateful for being part of a fantastic team!

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