Market review December 2018

In December 2018, cooling of the real estate market continued, even though during the whole year of 2018, more apartment and house transactions were concluded in Estonia than in the previous year. However, today the cooling mainly concerns the capital and is not characteristic of the whole country. Higher input expenses, shrinking profit margins and […]

Market review November 2018

November reflected rather well the slightly worrisome situation that has developed due to the changes in the market but we can make more accurate conclusions within the next six months. It is true that on the one hand, the feeling of security of the consumers for purchasing or renovating their home has decreased, as has […]

Market review October 2018

If people in Tallinn are looking for signs of rise or fall in the market, completely different sentiments can be observed in Tartu real estate market. When summing up the October transactions, for Tallinn it can be said that the real estate market turned back to its normal status. The low tides lasting for several […]

Market review September 2018

Tallinn Even though the market of new developments has remained active in Tallinn and there have been no big leaps in the speed of stock absorption, an increasing uncertainty can be sensed among the developers, extending the presale period of developments. The developers want to make sure that there is a sufficient number of potential […]

Market review August 2018

Even though the number of transactions in August was only higher than that of July, the real estate market in Tallinn has still been active, which is confirmed by the fact that in the first eight months of the year, 127 transactions more have been concluded in Tallinn in comparison to the same period last […]

Market review July 2018

An extraordinarily warm and dry July that was a vacation period for many people brought along a decrease in the number of transactions in comparison to the two previous months. About 200 transactions less than in May or June were concluded in July. However, in comparison to last July, the number of transactions increased by […]

Market review June 2018

June finished up the first half of the year, giving us a chance to stop for a moment and take a longer look at the changes having taken place over a longer period than the usual month. Even though the Estonian real estate market has developed at different speeds and in different directions, the total […]

Market review May 2018

The unusually warm, sunny and dry May still did not have enough power to reverse the transactions agreed earlier. Greatly thanks to the new developments in Harju County, for the third time in the past five years, over 2,000 transactions were concluded (over 200 transactions more than in April). The unusually high share of new […]

Market review April 2018

The number of transactions in April was similar to that of March but due to changes in the structure of transactions, the median price was the lowest in the last six months. 1,817 transactions were concluded in April, which was 19 transactions less than in March. Due to a smaller share of the most expensive […]

Market review March 2018

March has traditionally been the month of enlivenment in the real estate market – in the past five years, in average, 316 flats more have been sold in comparison to January and February. There were 1836 transactions this March, i.e. 118 transactions more than in February. In total, 5247 transactions were concluded in the first […]

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