Kuuseheki elurajoon


Kuuseheki elurajoon


    ID: 602783 / 102

    3 new three-storied residential buildings will be built in the green area in Saue, each holding 48 apartments.
    Saue is a calm town with an established rhythm of life, one of the advantages of which is a new apartment in the immediate vicinity of the capital for a significantly lower price and low monthly costs. From Saue, it is possible to get to Tallinn by train in less than 30 minutes – either to work or to enjoy entertainment in the centre.
    The area between the buildings will be decorated by a landscape solution blending into the surroundings. Small inhabitants find joy from the large playground with lighting and a safe courtyard.
    Each apartment has a balcony or terrace with a view offering enough privacy. Also, each apartment has at least 1 parking spot, the larger ones also have a sauna.
    Please contact our brokers:
    Külli Friedrichson 5649 0753 kylli.friedrichson@uusmaa.ee
    Meelis Paldre 5688 2282 meelis.paldre@uusmaa.ee
    Piret Pall 5683 2450 piret.pall@uusmaa.ee

    Property Location

    Address: Kuuseheki, Saue vald, Harju maakond

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