Pille Tali


Pille Tali

Consultant of Pirita district


+372 5904 5023

+372 627 2600

About me

I was interested in the real estate sector already during the university. At that time I was more fascinated by real estate development, and I explored the topic in depth in my graduation thesis. After graduation from Tallinn University of Technology I have worked in various companies in the real estate field.
I started my real estate broker’s career at Uus Maa Kinnisvarabüroo in 2006. Today, I am an attested real estate broker who has seen the big boom and the rock-bottom in the real estate market.
I am focused at finding the best solution for my clients in every situation. I highly value the professional team backing me at Uus Maa – they support my goal to offer the best solutions to clients in matters related to real estate.
Next to real estate, I love yoga and rebirthing breathwork – all the three things comprise my personal fulfilment and profession.
My hobby is spending time in the nature. I especially enjoy the sea, therefore, I also do kitesurfing.

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