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Tiiu Treimann



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About me

I joined the team of Uus Maa in 2010 because Uus Maa is the most reliable and most rapidly developing real estate company in Estonia.
Real estate interests me greatly because it means working with people. I try to organise my things so that I could be trusted because I consider trust very important, both in life and in work. I always find time to communicate with clients and I am thorough because client satisfaction is my greatest reward and motivates me to do my work well.
I love one of the principles of Uus Maa – team work is our strength. I find team work important because it is nice to work with people who are supportive and contribute to a common goal.
Live your life so that you would not be embarrassed to look in the eyes of yourself and others!
I like hobbies I can do with my friends and loved ones.

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